Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's Pink......It's not a food.....I made it

Only 3 yr. & 6 months me lazy or real life mom. Back in the summer of 2008 I started this quilt when I was pregnant with my second daughter. Bur never get to complete it on time and once she came, life started getting busy & busy only.

My crafter friends would know once U leave the project in between how hard it can be to finish. But, finally I managed to complete it just on time for her 3&1/2 yr. b'day, that's today. 

It's special because it's for my little princess, even if it's late she can still fit in it.....every time she saw me working on it in past few months she was so happy to know that it's for her.....and could not hold her excitement & hug me saying "thank you's for my b'day"......another reason for it being special......It's my first quilt. Quilts always fascinates me, now, finally I can also say I have made one and that too all by's totally handmade..... from cutting squares to sewing them together and quilting all the layers together and finally finishing off with pink edging.....totally handmade.