Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eggless Carrot Cupcake

My last post was applesauce which in my house means that next thing is going to be cupcakes or muffin......so this time it was eggless carrot cupcake or can we call those muffin ??? well what's in a name....a cupcake by any name will still be a cupcake......just a little frosting and kids are happy.

These were really moist & soft cupcakes because of two reasons: first the carrots of course & second buttermilk.....I've noticed when I substitute buttermilk for eggs, cakes are really moist, soft & light(not very dense).As I wrote in my previous post i eat my cupcakes when they are still hot right out of the oven.....this time I finished half of them(to be exact 6) in less then 1 day. And after that I decided now onwards, I will make half of them with whole wheat & half regular.....my DD eats the whole wheat ones, but not every time, may be every other time.....but wait a sec....I did used handful of oats & almonds plus they are carrot cupcakes, so do you think these count as healthy bites......
Ingredients :
  • all purpose flour(maida) 1 cup + 2 tblsp.
  • almond meal 2 tblsp.(grind almonds using coffee grinder,can do coarsely or fine as per your taste)
  • handful of instant cooking oats
  • pinch of salt
  • baking soda 1 tsp.
  • cinnamon 1/2 tsp.
  • buttermilk 1/2 cup
  • vegetable oil 2 tblsp.
  • light brown sugar 6 tblsp.(carrots & applesauce will also provide some sweetness)
  • unsweetened applesauce 1/2 cup
  • vanilla 1/2 tsp.
  • grated carrots 1&1/2 cup(with their juice)
  • a handful of chopped nuts or chocolate chips(optional)
Method :

1) Sift the dry ingredients then mix almond meal, oats & sugar to it.

2) In another bowl mix buttermilk,veg. oil, applesauce, vanilla & carrots, that's all the wet ingredients.

3) Now mix dry mix to wet mix. Mix everything together gently(no need to mix it for longtime).

4) If using nuts/chocolate chips fold them into the batter.

5)Bake them in the greased or lined muffin pan for around 20-23 minutes in 350 degree F oven.This recipe should yield around 12 cupcakes.

I usually make muffins/cupcakes once a week, so most of the time i kind of eyeball many ingredients & I do substitute one for the other, depending on what I have on hand.....like if I don't have buttermilk I might use apple juice or carrot juice.But one good thing(there are many other too) about blogging is, that I've started to measure the ingredients for these kind of recipes and also now my recipes have one place, where whenever I want I can find them....hopefully no longer they will be hiding from me somewhere on the piece of paper in some cupboard or on the last page of my personnel notebook & now my phonebook will finally have only phone nos. in it & not "flax seed instead of egg in cupcakes" kind of notes written on it.

And now, here are my first Awards passed to me by SE of Denufood, thanks a lot dear. I feel like a little school girl again...Happy.....And I'm passing these awards to some of my favourite blogs....few blogs I'm reading from last few months then there are few to which I'm new but really like them....

To Soma of ecurry, Supriya of Redchillies, Yasmeen of HelathNut, Shilpa of Aayi's Recipes and also back to SE of Denufood.


Yasmeen said...

My little one would also love these.I also find buttermilk as best substitute for eggs in such baked goodies.Thanks for remembering me and the awards :D

Malar Gandhi said...

Congrats on the awards...

Cup cake looks perfect.

Guess I am first time here...thats a pretty impressive 'about me' there. Liked it.

SE said...

hey congratulations on your awards!!!

Spice said...

Thanks everyone....

Red Chillies said...

Hey spice congratulations on the award and thank you very much for thinking of me. "deep bow". Love the carrot muffin.