Thursday, February 23, 2012

Recycling Project......Broken Plastic Hanger & Candied Orange Peel

Do you believe in reduce, reuse & recycle ? I do. I hold on to lot of (recycling) stuff on the name of craft but I've been doing some cleaning as I don't have enough space & time at this moment to put all the recycling stuff to good use. So, while doing one of such cleaning other day, I found this plastic hanger with hook(top part) broken, I was not sure if I can recycle it or I have to trash it. Little yarn from my stash & some time and this hanger got a new look & on the plus side lot of my cloth rubberbands(which were also given new life by just changing the elastic from them ) also got a new place to stay on. But now I'm thinking, using this new Ms. hanger as my necklace holder wouldn't be bad idea too. That way there are more chances that I'll wear them & not only keep them.

Picture is not good at all. As I was being lazy to take it off from the wall & to well lighted place for click, but still wanted to share the idea with U guys.

Now for today's recipe, that also belongs to recycle category. Here we are going to use the orange peel to make a delicious candy. I bookmarked it in last January & made it in this January, only regret why I didn't made it earlier, but I'm happy I made it. I had some organic oranges on hand. While peeling them, just remembered that I wanted to try candied citrus peel from so long and there I go. Before anyone want to try this recipe let me warn U......these are very addictive. I made a small batch & made so many plans in my mind about using them in various bakes but nothing was left after couple of days , out of these 2 days one day was drying period. Yes! I kept eating them even when they were still in the process of making(technically...they needed that rest period). Last couple of pieces were lucky :) they got to appear on this blog.....

For recipe you can click here. I might update this post whenever I make another batch, as mine were good taste wise but some of them had large sugar crystals. So whenever I get my hands on some Organic oranges I'm gonna give them another try. But let me clear one thing no matter how they looked,  they were delicious....sweetly & citrusoly (i know it's not even a word but I hope U understand the word flavor I'm trying to say).DO NOT try to skip the blanch step, I reduced it by 10 minutes in total & could taste a little bitterness at the end while eating nothing to hold U back but  I believe at least 30 minute of blanching would have been better. Time worth spent. I googled for the same recipe & here's another one I like.

So, go find some organic oranges, not that U can't use regular ones but organic will be better option, make some of this candied peel & enjoy it.


notyet100 said...

Hanger idea is very cute

Rita said...

Never thought of making candied orange peels; they came out wonderful.

Amrita said...

I must congratulate you on this project :) You must be getting a lot of creative satisfaction from this recycled hanger and cloth rubberbands. It is looking beautiful :)

Maru said...

you should get a
Hanger factory, what you've created is absolutely beautiful